2010: Art Project 4--Seurat

So not all projects can be a success, right? Well, I thought the girls would really be into this next project, but I was wrong.

For the fourth project, I focused on the artwork of Seurat ("sir-rot"). He used pointillism to create his artworks, which is basically using a series of dots to fill in the work instead of using brush strokes or another technique. I always rememebered Seurat as "Seurat...dot". I showed the girls his most famous work:
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

Then I showed them this lesser known work, because I thought it might be easier for them to draw a landscape of some kind.
The Seine and La Grande Jatte - Springtime

I had the girls draw a landscape. Anything they wanted. And then they were to fill in the landscape with dots. I didn't expect them to fill everything in leaving no white because I knew their attention span wouldn't last that long. But even with what they were doing, they got bored easily. Ella didn't finish hers (top).
They did a good job trying it, even if they didn't really like this project.