An Evening With The Incredibles

I believe as far as the box numbers go, Pixar's The Incredibles ranks 4th out of the 12 films the studio has released to this point (Toy Story 3, Finding Nemo, and Up all had bigger grosses). I never saw it when it was released in theaters because let's face it, I'm far too busy of a guy. I did see it once on DVD and remember liking it. Saw parts of it while visiting other people and remember liking the parts I saw there as well.

It was out of my radar but Disney released a Blu-Ray version of the film a few months ago and I just happened to notice it was available from Netflix, so I plunked it in my queue and it showed up a few days ago in the mail. So on a quiet evening here on the home front, I spent some time with the Incredibles.

It's a bit different from many of the Pixar films because it is entertainingly accessible. It doesn't go overboard trying to pull at your heart strings like many of the other Pixar offerings which often try to manipulate you into the story. Is the Incredibles one of Pixar's better movies? Not really, Wall-E and Toy Story 3 top my list. But it is also far from the worst where I have the annoying Finding Nemo. What The Incredibles is turns out to be a family story, a fun story, and a superhero story all rolled into one entertaining package.