Around Disneyland - September 12, 13 - Pictures - Part 3

Steamboat Mickey appears in Fantasmic

This is the last installment of pictures of Disneyland from a week ago that my friend gave to me. This segment covers Fantasmic, a quick look at the Haunted Mansion, and maybe a firework or two.
Fanstasmic Is Disneyland's Best Nighttime Show:  Say what you will about a parade at night or World of Color or the regular fireworks display, the best show Disneyland puts on at night is Fantasmic which is close to 20 years old I believe. And judging by the crowds that continue to see it, the popularity of the show has not waned a bit through the years. Now that the infamous Murphy the Dragon is able to make his regularly scheduled appearance, the show is better than ever.

I can hear the opening music already

The boom of a cannon, the appearance of sailing ship Columbia, and the battle
between Captain Hook and Peter Pan - a great Disneyland moment for everyone.

The stunning animatronic drag on was a great addition to the show

Another great show Mickey
That Fantasmic show was from Friday the 13th. Earlier in the day.....
Haunted Manstion Holidays Returns:  The Haunted Mansion die hard Disneyland traditionalists lament the 4 month appearance of the Halloween / Christmas edition of the Mansion set up against Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. I love the overlay which brings some much appreciated color to a great ride normally shrouded in shades of gray. 
Since this was the opening of the 2013 Haunted Mansion Holidays -
Check out the mob waiting to get in. About a 40 minute wait.

Hello old friend
Fireworks:  I'm terrible at fireworks shots.  These are some good ones to finish my friends trip. He had a great time and did an awful lot in two days.