Disney Infinity - Maybe This Time

If there is one part of the massive Walt Disney Company that badly lags behind the rest it is the Gaming division. Video games and online gaming are hugely popular and profitable when the gaming creations hit the all right notes and deliver a product the public can't get enough of. Disney is kind of a niche player in the world of gaming, picking up their fans with the Epic Mickey games and Pirates of the Caribbean Online but so far Disney games just haven't produced the kind of mass appeal Disney is looking for. Enter Disney Infinity.

With Disney Infinity, many of the most popular Disney and Pixar characters, primarily from the world of movies, come together is various playing scenarios. In a world like this, Disney wins by bringing films, home video, consumer products, and many other aspects of the company into living rooms everywhere - providing the game can prove popular with a wide range of ages. Disney Infinity looks like it is set to release in June on all gaming platforms. Should prove interesting. Below are videos from John Lasseter promoting the game and the first official trailer.