Disneyland In The Eyes Of A Three Year Old

Even the youngest members of my family are what you would call Disnsyland veterans. A co-worker had her 3 year old grand-daughter who lives in Seattle make her first trip to Disneyland this past week so of course my co-worker's daughter was sending her text messages and pictures chronicling their adventures in DL. Unless you are simply too young, can one over forget their first trip to Disneyland? Even many years later I can recall bits and pieces of that first visit I made with my parents.
So what was my co-worker's grand-daughter first ride? Apparently the Tea Cups. Excellent choice! Classic Disneyland ride, brightly colored, out in the open air, and child-like music to boot. The perfect ride to launch Disneyland memories. Follow that up with a ride on the carousel and Dumbo and you are well on your way to having the time of your life.
For their first meal, they got a corn dog. Again, excellent choice! For all the bad food choices you can make at Disneyland (getting better though), a corn dog is not one of them. The only mistake was getting the corn dog from the Stage Door Cafe instead of the Little Red Wagon on Main St (for the sake of tradition).
Of course, not all was fun for my co-worker's grand-daughter. A 3 year old's first trip on Pirates of the Caribbean is a risky proposition. Her first trip didn't go so well as she was scared out of her mind, cried, and vowed never to go on that again. Trust me. She will go again and go many more times God willing. I was a few years older than 3 when I first went on Pirates, old enough to realize I had just had one of the most special experiences of my life even at such a young age.
The girl's first trip to Disneyland was an unqualified success - it's hard not to have the time of your life no matter what your age. The little girl even had the works makeover at the Bibbidi-Bobbidy Boutique transforming her into a Disney princess (at a cost of $250!!!! yikes!!!). Yes, certainly chestful of memories for parents and child.