Missing Out On Expedition Everest

I wrote a post to this blog last month called My Aborted Trip to Walt Disney World (link is here) that basically ends with my being good when surgery ended my 8 month journey planning a trip to Walt Disney World.  In 2012, other than its massive size and scale along with a true resort experience, WDW and Disneyland have more similarities than differences these days.  But you know what, I think the one thing I regret most about not making that trip, other than staying at the Grand Floridian and enjoying far more adventurous dining options, I miss not being able to go on Expedition Everest.  I think a ride on this thing was tops on my to-do lists for the parks even though I know Mrs. DisneylandTraveler would not go near it.
This may be Disney's most impressive ride attraction built over the last 10 years or so only to be outdone (probably) by the firing up of the new Radiator Springs Racers in about 2 months.  Yes, Expedition Everest is a manufactured roller coaster, and even though it does have the novelty of going backwards for a short segment Indiana Jones Adventure had that feature first, and yes, it is a variation of Disneyland's venerable Matterhorn, Expedition Everest looks spectacular and by all accounts provides thrills for its passenger.  There have been the oft mentioned complaints about the Yeti features inside the ride not working for years on end but all of that didn't matter to me, I really wanted to go EE to experience the attraction first hand.  I don't know if I will ever get the chance.  I'm good with not having made to WDW in 2010 but there is the lingering doubt on missing out with Expedition Everest.

Enjoy a ride on Expedition Everest courtesy of TheCoasterViews on YouTube.