More Thoughts About Starbucks On Main St. Disneyland

It hasn't happened yet but the strong (very strong) rumor is that the Market House on Main St. Disneyland will close sometime this month and start the conversion into a Starbuck's. I would imagine the name Market House will stay since its part of Disneyland history but instead of what is a fine cup of coffee they serve up now, it will be Starbuck's beverages. I've said it before - I really like Starbuck's - they make a fine product. I like the Market House, they make the best cup of coffee in Disneyland and give you free refills for the day to boot. It's putting the two together that is the cause for my trepidation.

As it is presently configured, the Market House is a small quaint coffee establishment. There can be a bit of a line first thing in the morning but not a ridiculous one by Disneyland standards. Al Lutz reported earlier this month that the Starbuck's in the Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe over in DCA is now the highest volume most profitable Starbuck's location in the country. And over there, you do generally have a bit of a wait but they do tend to be quite efficient for the most part and the space is quite large and able to handle the lines of people.
So where does Disneyland put the extra people who will be heading to the Starbucks when its located in the much smaller Market House without have an excess line spill out to Main Street. Well, that's why the conversion is slated for several months rather than a quick setting up of coffee machines. Disney needs to allocate space with the most likely candidates from the neighboring stores like Disneyanna or using the alley way that is outside the Market House where the Disneyland lockers are now located. There is also a plan to open a public walkway behind the Main Street stores that is currently off limits to everyone but castmembers. Somehow, they need to hide the line and reduce the possibility for a bottleneck condition.
The alley just outside the Market House
I guess I'm OK with Starbuck's being in Disneyland and on Main Street as long as things are kept orderly and running smooth. I trust that is Disney's intention as well. Creating chaos shouldn't be on the drawing boards. But here would be my other take. You spend a whole lot of time waiting in lines at Disneyland. I'm not going to spend a whole lot of my Disney day waiting in line for a Starbuck's beverage when there are probably a half a dozen of them within a mile of my house. If the wait is longer than 10 minutes, forget it. Too much else to do in Disneyland.