Now There's A Parade

The new Mickey's Soundsational Parade made its debut on Main St. this past Thursday and early reports have this parade being a more in line with the tradition of great Disneyland parades. The MousePlanet Video posted here gives a generous flavor of the music and color of this classic character filled extravaganza. The parade in its entirety looks like it runs about 15 minutes in length from the full videos posted on YouTube.

I look forward to seeing Mickey's Soundsational Parade down the road sometime. The Disneyland parades usually have about a 2 year lifespan and this one looks like a great improvement of its predecessor whose name escapes at the moment since its been gone about 6 months. How disappointing was the last Main St. Disneyland Parade?  Like I said, I can't recall its name and its not even worth the 30 second effort it would take me to find out.  It was so bad, I'd rather be in a Main St. gift shop rather than outside looking at a parade that was more insufferable than memorable.

Strike up the band Mickey and get ready for a great summer.