Product Review: Prism Bricks Vs. Crystal Bricks

I've been meaning to write this review for 6 months now. Oh well, at least I'm finally getting around to it. Back in February I posted about my son playing with transparent blocks on our light table. The first set I purchased was the 84 piece Alex Prism Bricks from Amazon. I was so excited when I ordered them because I thought they would be a great addition to our light table materials. Source
They looked great on the light table. The set comes with one clear base to use as well. As we started to play with the blocks, my oldest daughter became increasingly frustrated because the blocks do not stay snapped together when stacked. They merely sit on top of one another. They fall over easily so you have to rebuild your structure over and over again. We were sooo disappointed. I decided to order the Constructive Playthings Crystal Bricks to see if they worked any better. SourceWhen we received them we discovered they snapped together VERY WELL! They actually worked! Even my 2 year old can play with them without being frustrated. I returned the Alex brand crystal bricks. For just a few dollars more you get 50 more bricks with the Constructive Playthings set. You do not receive a base to build on though. The Constructive Playthings bricks do fit on the Alex base so I purchased a set of the the translucent Alex bases(I was able to buy these for quite a bit cheaper than $19) for us to use with the Constructive Playthings bricks 
That was back in February/March and we are STILL playing with our Constructive Playthings crystal bricks! These are a part of our daily light table play. They get used at least a couple times a week if not daily.