The Week 'The Happiest Place' Wasn't So Happy

I guess you could call this Part 3 at our look at Disneyland's latest price increase that was announced one week ago today. Forums and discussions boards lit up with shock then slowly but surely turned ugly. Rough stuff can be expected from - there are some highly opinionated people in there and not afraid of expressing opinions. I think MiceChat is also the largest forum site for Disneyland so there are no shortage of opinions. on the other hand is much smaller and tends to be a more kinder and gently discussion board. Not this week as one of the price increase threads had to be shut down for 24 hrs for a "cooling off period". I bailed out on the discussion about a day ahead of the cooling down period simply because the nastiness and condescending attitudes of some of the more prolific posters got the best of me. Now I'm not perfect when it comes to posting to discussion boards and forums because I don't take it all that seriously and I sometimes shoot from the hip. Sometimes I post something contrary to the grain just to get a discussion going. Sometimes I use discussion boards and forums to put up a piece of writing from this blog that I might like and want to place it in a different audience. Whatever - this is Disneyland and not a discussion of the fall of mankind and civilazation. But some out there are so into themselves, their opinions, their dogma that anyone who comes from a different perspective is well, an "idiot" or at lease made to feel that way. Sad.
Disney brought this upon themselves. Simple need to grab profits while they are hot (and reduce the number of passholders) fueled the fire and turned fan against fan. Not that they care as they crunch their numbers. Well, people have to crunch their numbers and are finding the numbers for their usual Disneyland experiences no longer make sense. People have been priced out. Some people have got fed up and just walked out giving Disney the middle finger salute has they turn their backs.
But many people will pay and continue pay as Disneyland mirrors the society we live in and "The Happiest Place on Earth" is something only a shrinking segment of the population as a whole can afford. 
A man trips on falls on Main Street and is shaken up and slightly injured - someone yells out "Is there a doctor around?". The shaken man immediately adds "And a lawyer...." . Doctors and lawyers come from every direction.... the only people who may be able to afford to get in at some point in the future.