Toddler Art Activity: Free Art

Finally, a post that is not related to Pinterest! LOL! When I reorganized our craft supplies, I made sure to put together this little art caddy for my 2 year old. I wanted something that would be super easy to pull out, keep organized and put away quickly. I also didn't want to overwhelm him with two many things so I kept it simple: Dot markers in basic colors, some mini stampers, Tadoodles, and a few crayons.  The Tadoodles stampers are fun and easy to use for little ones. And funny, the parrot sort of looks like a red Angry Bird--my girls noticed this. ;-) Art fun is new for Kellan. His not a docile kid at all so I've been leery about anything "messy" with him because this kid can make a mess with anything that isn't even remotely messy and then run like the wind so that the mess follows him around the house. So to hand him something that he could really make a mess with, it's just asking for trouble! ;-) But he's doing all right with this so far. He is pretty good at picking a few supplies at once to use and when he starts dumping the supplies out instead of coloring, that's when I tell him art time is over.

He absolutely LOVES the Do-a-Dot Markers! Those are definitely his go-to art supply. They are so fabulous. Their large size makes it easy for him to hold.
And even though he isn't able to get the twist cap off by himself just yet, he works on his fine motor skills because he tries to put the cap back on. He can get the cap back on the top, then he hands it to me to twist.
 Sometimes, when he gets bored with the art supplies I pull out his sticker pad from Melissa and Doug. And that will get him to engage for a few more minutes. I show him the different pages and he points to what he wants me to pull off for him. Here's one of his masterpieces: