Toddler Sensory Activity: Halloween Sensory Bin

It's October 1st! Time to change our sensory bin! I collected a ton of things from the dollar store and around our house for this month's bin.

This month's bin has the following:
--dry black beans
--pom poms
--magnetic discs
--plastic eye balls
--small orange and halloween themed toys
--mardi gras necklaces
--orange measuring cup
--fake pumpkins
--sensory ball

I think this bin would look AWESOME in a room with a black light. That would be a way to add even more sensory input with it. 
These are the toys I put in the bin. I'm planning to print this out as an 8 x 10 and use as an I Spy card.I realize some of these are choking hazards. My son is always supervised at the sensory table. Every parent has to make their own decisions about what their children are ready for in terms of play.These plastic eyes were a big hit with Kellan. He took them out of the tray put them in the bowl, put them in the measuring cup, poured them out. Tons of fun! I got all three items above at Dollar Tree. We counted with them as he played.
My daughter received that cute pumpkin magnet from her bus driver a couple years ago. And the colored discs are magnetic discs from Lakeshore Learning.  I put them in the bin so you can use the pumpkin magnet to pick them up!   Kellan learned "apple" last month. I asked him where the pumpkin was and he showed me! ;-)